security patrols

Security Patrols

Personalised Security

We offer our clients with a wide range of security patrol services for your business on the Sunshine Coast.

cash in transit

Cash In Transit

Secure Your Valuables

With our cash in transit services, we can safely and securely transfer your cash and valuables.


Security Guards

Protect Your Next Event

From business needs to events, we provide professional security guard solutions for all of our clients.


Security Guards

If you are planning a function or event on the Sunshine Coast, security guards can help protect your guests from gate crashers and uninvited guests. Whether your event or function is planning on being big or small, corporate or private, we have found that no matter how careful you are with the invites, gatherings can quickly get out of hand.

With the rise of social media and ease of communication in recent years, even the smallest of gatherings are at risk of becoming a major blow out with the arrival of gate crashers and strangers with nothing more in mind than creating havoc amongst your party guests.

Need Assistance Planning Your Event?

At Complex Security we can help you plan and co-ordinate your next event and arrange of appropriate security measures for your gathering, including advising all relevant authorities on your function, ensuring that all of your guests have a fun and memorable night for the right reasons.

For more information on the range of services our security guards can provide, or to request more information on our other services, please contact our team at Complex Security.

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